Introductory Walks with the Boggers

Try out a walk or two with the Boggers

If you are interested in hiking with Bogtrotters, there is at least one moderate level hike at various times which is suitable for new hikers who are reasonably fit (check below for a description of a Grade 3 walk) – see Sunday Walks page for the next hike.


Please read the Safety page for details. e.g. no boots no hike, no jeans and then come along and see if you like it. Usually after a couple of hikes (usually 3) you can then decide to join the club or not as we don’t expect you to buy before you try! (Please note though that the membership covers insurance and at present is only €45 per year which includes the Mountaineering Irelands mountain log magazine and buys items for the club such as first aid kits and GPS units etc)

You should also note that the membership for the club and consequently Mountaineering Ireland runs from November to November and not when you join and this is decided by MI not us. If you join late in the season you will have to pay again in November so be warned! Also the MI only process application when the get a batch so it may take a while to get your card after submitting your application to us.

When leaving from the meeting point for a Sunday walk we car pool and you may either drive or grab a lift to do our bit on minimizing our impact on the countryside. If you do grab a lift we give the driver €7  each to help towards petrol money. (So if you have a people carrier and can cram loads in then happy days!)

Grading of Sunday Hikes

Grade 1 – Tough / good level of fitness required *Typically grade 1 is 18-24km (with substantial climbs and a fast pace
(6 hours +)

Grade 2 – Strenuous / suitable for most regular hikers but tougher than grade 3 (5 – 6 hours) 14-18km

Grade 3 – Moderate / suitable for people if they have a reasonable level of general fitness and some hiking experience (4 – 5 hours). Please note though that these hikes are mostly off tracks and are across rough terrain and steep hills. 10-14km

In addition although it is a grade 3 hike we are out for most of the day and would on a grade 3 hike not be back in car park until about 7ish or sometimes a bit later in the summer as we drop into a local er tavern for soft drinks! and maybe a bite to eat and chat so be warned just in case you have concert tickets or some such definite time to be back at.

Also bear in mind that we are walking mostly in the mountains and much of the time on boggy rough ground or through heather so you must have appropriate hiking boots or the leader will ask you not to walk for your own safety.

Tuesday Evening Walks

Tuesday evening walks take place during the summer and early Autumn. They are usually about one and a half to two hours long and take place in a variety of settings from mountain, coastal and urban.

The meeting place varies as time is limited due to the available daylight. A full list of walks is available on the walks page.
We meet at 7pm on a Tuesday when the walks are on